Flying Fingers

I'm currently in the process of writing up a few of my sweater designs into proper pattern format to be made available soon. In between all the clicking of my poor, overworked needles I felt the need to post one of my smaller projects, so here it is in all its simplicity. Here's a little something I found a need for, hopefully you will as well. Your wallet will thank you...mine already has. Hope you enjoy! Happy Knitting!

Having dropped my cell phone one too many times, I decided it was just about time to design a padded suit for the ol' bugger...the added perk: it looks adorable, but more importantly it's practical. I've made quite a few in different shades for some variety...why not? So if you're fed up with the scratches, broken parts or gasping in hopes it's not destroyed every time it takes a tumble - whip up one of these in a jiffy. This can also be a functional little pouch for most things small. (not too small, as they'll slip through the stitches) Great beginner project!
  • note **knitted from the top down working back and forth, then stitched up the sides**
**Don't feel limited to using this specific yarn - acrylics/any comparable worsted weight works nicely as well.  This is a great way to use up some of your yarn stash or try out a fun new fiber!**
  • Pattern difficulty:  Very Easy
      Gauge: small version: 5 sts/ 7 rows = 1" 
                    large version: = 4.5 sts/ 6.5 rows = 1''
                   (For overall size changes, simply changing your needle size does the trick.)       
  • 1 ball (approximately 35 yards) - Peaches & Creme 100% cotton (color of your choice)
  • size 4 needles for smaller version / size 6 needles for larger version
  • 1 button
  • darning needle (for weaving in tails and tidying up the buttonhole)
      Finished Measurements (with flap closed):
      small version = 2.5" x 4.5" / large version = 3" x 5" 

  •  With size 4 needles, cast on 13 sts.
  •  Work 4 rows in garter stitch.
  • (Buttonhole Row) Knit 5 sts, slip the next st purlwise, (K1,psso) 3x, K4 (3 sts decreased)
  • (Buttonhole Closure Row) K5, turn work and cast on 3 sts (these are the sts that you decreased previously to form the buttonhole which you're now closing), turn work again giving a little extra tug when joining cast on to rest of row (this will help prevent a gap), end row with K5
  • K13 for the next 4 rows
  • Work the following rows A and B 4x (8 rows total)  ***note - These 2 repeats make up the length of the flap closure.  Work more/less rows to lengthen/shorten to your liking, just be sure to adjust where you sew your button.***
Repeat Rows:
A: K2, P9, K2
B: Knit all
  • WS (Folding Row: these rows form a crease that creates the frame/flap) Knit all.
  • Repeat rows B and A 2x (4 rows total)
  • RS (Folding Row) K2, P9, K2
  • Back of Case- Repeat rows A and B 14x (28 rows total) note:  For length adjustments work more/less rows here.  Be sure to end with row B and adjust the front of the case accordingly at the end of pattern.
  • WS (Folding Row) Knit all
  • Repeat Rows B and A 2x (4 rows total)
  • RS (Folding Row) K2, P9, K2
  • Front of Case- Repeat Rows A and B 13x (26 rows total) note:  If an adjustment was made in the back length, work the same amount of rows you worked, minus 2.  For example:  Say for the back I repeated Rows A & B 16x (32 rows).  I now need to carry that length thru to the front of the case by repeating rows A & B 15x (30 rows total.)
Bind off loosely in pattern. Seam up sides. Sew your button 1" below center of bind off point for smaller version & 1.5" below center of bind off point for larger version (you'll want to eyeball this to make sure the button lines up with the hole, as everyone's knitting tension varies.) Weave in ends.
Whipstitch around the buttonhole opening for a tidy or more decorative effect. (entirely optional) Enjoy!