My Bag Break

On occasion I just need to shake it up a bit - as much as I enjoy creating sweaters, they can be quite time consuming. So, from time to time I throw another smaller, yet equally satisfying project into the mix. The more the merrier! Handbags are just right. It's a great way for me to experiment with glorious cables on a smaller scale as well. This is a handbag I'm putting together for my sister & dearest pal...loving this one!

...a few days later - This is coming along nicely - I got the stamp of approval from my favorite critic (you know who you are). I'm making some real progress! I'm anxious to see how the finished product turns out--better yet hoping she likes it! Back to work on framing the "licorice sandwich."

Click post header for more "stages" photos.

...and later - This is resembling more of a tote bag than a initial handle preference doesn't suit the finished product...sides & bottom complete - currently without interfacing or metal frame...debating the floppy or boxy look. The handle's being tweaked...almost done!
...even later - I can't seem to get a good handle on this one, literally.  Bamboo didn't look right, the wooden ones were okay but not what I'm looking for,  multiple attempts of crocheted & knitted handles, even a fabric lining folded just over the lip of the bag, elastic run thru a row of HDC trim, nothing was working...still not thrilled with it.  This is gonna be snoozing for a bit, or until I can find the right set of handles...I won't give something away that I'm not 100% satisfied with...quality control if you will.  =)  Initially I thought it was the handles that were a problem, but I based the pattern around a specific set, measured to fit as it does, but I'm just not happy with them.  So after too many attempts at solving this, I came to realize it was a poor yarn choice on my part.  I've used this yarn on many occasions for blankets and such & it's wonderful - though for me, I wouldn't use this for handbags.  Bernat SV was a lot less furry & the stitches had great definition.  With the 1 lb it has a bit of a fuzzy appearance which in my opinion isn't good here.  It takes away from the "pop" of the cables and gives it a worn or used look, at least in the darker as for the 1 lb, I'll stick to afghans in the future.  Cute handles deserve a complimentary fiber.  So, it's temporarily a semi-finished tote.  Moving on!