Honeycomb v.2 Complete

I don't know quite what it is...I love color as much as the next person, but there's something appealing to me about black and white photos.  Especially when there's a single splash of color thrown into it.  (red especially)  So, I have a tendency to make a B&W  version of my finished pics.  It doesn't defeat the purpose of the color chosen to knit with, just gave me a little fun time with photo coloring.  When looking at them side by side...it gives a very different feel.  There's something classy about black & whites...very clean.  I'll just assume it's the artsy fartsy in me.  Anyway, this one was a treat for me...loved creating this one...I'm so happy with how this finished up!  For a close fitting sweater it really came out well in the sizing department.  This measurement runs a very close 32". 

(My little White Lightnin' can't bear to miss a photo op!) Hehe! I was doubtful about the underarms - they can be finicky, but it all worked out better than I anticipated.  Seeing as stockinette stitch produces a natural roll, I wanted to try using that as the trim of the neckline...a great alternative to the attached I-cord which I also adore.  Having so many different variations of this one running through my head...it's hard to know how it'll truly look until it's done.  Sketches help, but seeing it in fiber form is totally different.  I'm thankful I stuck with the rib stitches as well.  I contemplated lace, which I think would accent the honeycomb nicely, but decided against for the mere fact that I'm wouldn't be bold enough to wear it comfortably. 
So, no complaints...it's a keeper!  YAY!  After all, there's always time for more.  Time for weaving in the last of the loose ends, wash & wear!  (at least nights anyway, it's getting hot!)  I needed some sweet satisfaction after my nightmare of a handbag.=)  (click post header for a closer look)