Oh, Honey!

So, I can't be pulled away from my sweater making for very long...it could be worse. =) I have a lot of projects going on at one time, all of which will get completed. This is one of my revamps. I designed a short sleeve honeycomb sweater with only scratchy notes to reference-This is actually something I've been meaning to do for some time now & I've finally gotten around to it. It's not an exact replica of the original design, but for now what I'm referring to as my "Version 2."

It's very similar in construction with subtle changes. I inherited from my dear father the need to perfect things, so it takes a few tries until I'm satisfied with the outcome. (Click post header to visit my Ravelry project page for a few more photos.)

...later on~
I'm now about 80-85% finished with this version, and I'm actually very glad I decided to go the route I did with the panel break up.  It's a superb fit!  I was initially just going to reconstruct the original, but feeling adventurous (laugh if you must...it's a thrill to me), I decided on discarding the pattern repeat and working the panels individually. This gave it an entirely different effect.  Seeing as that went so well, I took the plunge into trying rib variations on the way down---Looking forward to finishing this one up and giving it some wear and tear!