Whistle While You Work

I'm hard at work on my latest and for me a very exciting knitting project---it's under wraps for the time being...but not for too long.  =)  This endeavor is consuming majority of my time lately...(and I say that with a huge smile!)  For me, things have to be done a certain way, as I've certain standards about my creations before I can make them available.  Being too particular can be a blessing & a curse, but when designing it's a must for me personally.  If I wouldn't buy it, I wouldn't sell it...a rather simple yet effective approach.  Taking pride in what you do plays into the quality of the finished product which is of great importance...it's well worth taking the extra time!  I'm a firm believer in doing what you love & I'm ever so thrilled to finally be doing it myself.   I'll do my best to keep posting.

So, on the side...

With old, make new!  Little crafty things have a way of weaseling their way into my busy days.  As I've mentioned before, I have a mountain of old denim that I have to work with and constructed this little number...the fray will be fun once it's washed.  Anyone who has an old pair of jeans, a needle and thread can do this very easily.  I should've used swatches from different pairs for a patchwork look...but it's still cute!  Even the waistband came in handy for the strap!  That's actually my favorite thing about it.  The jean pockets (already partially sewn...less work for you) would work really well as and inside pouch too.  Pay no attention to "neatness" with this one...that's kind of the fun of it.  Sloppy stitches are welcome!   The fray gives it a destructed appearance...so don't worry about stitching the squares perfectly if you're hand stitching - it'll be buried in the fray anyway...granted a sewing machine would work much faster, but either way works just fine.  I even found a use for the zipper...bust out a seam ripper and save that sucker!  One idea usually leads to another....and the crafting goes on!  =)