At last it's complete!  
I've decided to show a little love for the old, out-of-date handbag that's collecting dust in the closet by creating the Pursonality Bag Cover Collection featuring the very first installment - "Adirondacks."  Think of it as a slipcover for your purse.  If your bag that's been hidden away isn't completely overrun with gaping holes or missing straps...this is a great little fix for it.  Don't throw it away, just give it a little facelift.  Adirondacks is a combination of cable knitting in the round, basic stockinette stitch and a teeny splash of crochet thrown into the mix.  It beats spending a pretty penny on a new bag,  that's for sure...and well speaking for myself anyway, knitting + cables= one happy knitter!  Cabling isn't nearly as difficult as some may think.  They generally look so busy and complex, but really it's just stitches being knit out of order.  With a little extra attention, cables can be achieved with little difficulty.  I'm a sucker for those cables!  =)

The pattern is now officially completed and is about to embark on a journey to submissions.  Adirondacks will be made available very soon, as it is finished.  As I posted previously, if it is not an accepted submission I intend to try elsewhere or publish this independently if need be.  I've crafted quite a few of these which is partially why I've been somewhat absent from posting.  Well, it's been a long and rather hot day...I'm off to enjoy the cool evening air, a delicious glass of red wine and a relaxing night with my sweets.