Forecast: Uncooperative

I spotted our first orange beginning to ripen this morning...oh, the little things!  Of course that sent me yarn hunting for vibrant yellows and oranges, then again what doesn't send me yarn hunting?  =) 

I honestly don't know why I don't make cowls or neck wraps more often...they're incredibly fun and so fulfilling!  Um, LOVE THESE!  There's a cabled cowl calling my name!  Though when you're expecting 95 degree temps it's a bit of a punch in the gut...that may explain the lack of.  Regardless, it's still a must make.  Here's a chevron cowl I whipped up to welcome autumn.  Cozy, cute and seasonal! 

I must admit that I terribly miss the need to bundle up in layers, so I’m hoping for some cooler temps to surface soon.  Come on sunny CA, work with me here!  The following color combo got me...simply couldn't resist double stranding some blue and brown, but I put my needles on hold and busted out the gigantor hook!  I love the way it worked up!   This one's gonna get a lot of use.  I wanted Splash to be a chunky openwork crochet so I worked a simple dc/chain combo on an enormous Q hook and let the colors do the talking...sometimes less is more.  Next time I'll treble instead, but I'm still very pleased with the outcome.

On a sweater note, I picked up my "Vertigo" tee I'd set aside some time ago and I'm finishing her up at the moment.  She's almost done.  I tend to be a moody knitter...I get in my heats of writing patterns and then alternate with a casual, no pattern aka "free knit" as I call it.  Be it bag making, sweaters, afghans, odds & ends, etc. I enjoy the keeps things fresh & exciting, for me anyway.

Yippee!  Changes of season, colors, & yarn!  It's about time that I splurged on the good stuff (with a welcomed nudge from my sweet).  I have a feeling he may regret doing that.  I'm now impatiently waiting for my luscious tosh dk to arrive!  I can't believe the level of difficulty in color choice - not that any of them would disappoint in the least, but the what would be "simple task" of picking a color gave the term indecisive a whole new meaning for me.  So in the end green won the long-standing battle with my beloved red.  The excitement's killing me!  I venture to say that was one of those "point of no return" moments.  =)  I needed a little change from the usual acrylics - Perhaps it's fabulous fall and her bountiful colors throwing some inspiration my way...I'll take it!