"Hues" & Hers

Apparently sweating like a pig doesn't stop my nimble fingers from feasting, but it makes it tough to want to work the sleeves longer.  113 degrees can't disrupt one's determination.  Well, it may have a little something to do with this new yarn.  I put it to work not long after it's arrival and I'm loving every stitch...the color is so vibrant my camera won't capture it at it's truest.  This will be used again, no question...probably more often than I should.  Leslie, thank you for the recommendation - it's better than I expected and the yardage is quite generous with superb handling and stitch definition.  I'm almost halfway done...tried on to test the fit (oh the perks of top down) - I may alter the trim which to me seems a bit unflattering against the lace panel, but I'm unsure for the time being...so it stays for now.  One of these days I'll invest in a mannequin.  Stage 1 complete!  They're all exciting for me, but this one's extra special due to the yarn choice...the hues are astonishing!  It takes on a whole other look.  My favorite cable is making her way to the front of this one.  Single panel, nothing crazy.  I'll update soon...along with Vertigo.  Two new sweater tees...wheeeEEE!  Madelinetosh=scrumptious!