How beautiful! Jealousy is running wild through my veins!  I just received some photos from family back east. The snow storm in NJ - a whopping 25+ inches! Oh, how I miss the sight of snowflakes descending outside my living room window on a frigid winter morning. Driving stinks, but the snowball extravaganza would totally make up for it!!! Let's not forget the ice slides, snow angels and snowmen dressed to lucky.

When I'm finally done oohing and ahhing at the magnificent eastern fallings, I remember the perks I have out here. Rain is SoCal's winter storm, which pales in comparison to 2 feet of blinding white snow in my opinion, but is welcome just the same. Mother nature gave us a small break from the showers today. So, the trade for my wondrous snowflakes are spectacular fruit trees! Lemons in summer, oranges in winter, and an ice cream truck that comes around regardless of what season it is. LOL Seriously. Florida, I challenge you to an orange-off! I dunno what's in the soil, but delicious is an understatement. These seedless, mouth-watering beauts leave your tongue asking for more. You can't have just one. It makes the best freshly squeezed glass of OJ my buds have ever feasted upon! My man agrees. It's pretty cool having fresh fruit outside your door...especially after massive amounts of holiday feasting. I cooked like a mad woman, so now we have a bounty of leftovers to inhale. Mmmmhmmmm! Apparently it was a job well done. When Ryan fell asleep on the couch shortly thereafter, it was a thumbs up to me. =) The juice is a refreshing blast after all the pigging out. I'm soaking in the remaining days of having a stinky pine in the house - nothing quite like it. I'd love one in here all year round! New rule of the homestead: Ry picks the tree. My nose is a very happy nose! Our best one yet! There's a neat shadowy mural of pine needles blanketing the wall at night...the photo stinks, but it really is quite cool.

Then there's my sweet little Christmas 'Tese, Daphne frolicking about in her favorite knitted holiday dress that I made her. Oh yes I did. =) Upon waking this morning I offered her a treat after our morning routine, which she refused. I scratched my head wondering why, that's unlike her to refuse food of any kind-especially a treat. She instantly ran to my desk and began pawing at my chair in excitement. All she wanted was to sit on my lap and smother me with kisses. LOL She's not starved for attention by any means (aka spoiled), just very affectionate...some days more than others. I love my pooch so much it's ridiculous!!! I can't believe she's about to turn 3 already.

Knitting time has commenced yet again!  Not that it ever stopped, but it slowed greatly around the holidays. I'm finishing up my chunky sweater sporting some autumny colors that I'm anxious to wear along with a new cabled slouchy hat design using the remaining hank of my madelinetosh. New year, new needling and new patterns to come! Yippee! Happy knitting and cheers to an eventful New Year ahead!