Pattern: Buttercup Scarflet

I bring you, the Buttercup Scarflet!  She received her name from my original version knit in the buttery, golden goodness that is Malabrigo worsted, color - Cadmium.  Magnificent color makes for great inspiration.  Needless to say, the Mal is very high on my list of faves.  So after much neglect, I've finally revisited my ravishing red.  It's like going too long without a cup of coffee.  Whew!  I had used it so much awhile back that I took a much needed break from it...and well, too long it seems.  I bought myself some Knit Picks Swish in Fired Brick and my needles were set ablaze!  (So much that I made myself a Damsel slouchy beret to match...that pattern is next up.)  The two weren't designed as a set, but they sure do work well as a duo!  I've read the many pros and cons with Swish, but in all honesty I've had good experiences with it - & it's budget friendly which is a perk.  It's really a sensational yarn for showing cables! Currently I'm reworking my Honeycomb in Swish and find the sts are much more defined than the Caron SS I originally created this with.  I'm still very anxious to use tosh's tart...(um, bib me or offer a drool cup) it seems whenever I attempt to splurge it's always sold surprise as the colorway is to die for, and apparently I'm not the only one who thinks so.  Enough of my ramblings yet again...I have a big stash to deplete before I go on a yarn binge.  LOL!  I'll see how long that mindset lasts.  Hehe!  ;)

Without further ado, I present you my newest pattern download, the Buttercup Scarflet. So, bust out your copy of Three Amigos, (you know you're gonna be singing it) grab your favorite yarn and get those needles tapping!  Be it to treat yourself, try something new or getting a head start on holiday gifting, I hope you enjoy!