This little piggy looks like roast beef

I'm always inspired by color, food and especially nature, and now toes? Ha! "Experiencing a color theme in good and bad ways..." I'll try to keep this one short...there's something else I experimented with yesterday that I also need to babble about. 

*Baking my family's recipe for blueberry crunch coffee cake to satisfy my babe's sweet tooth (+1, +1 more for how quickly it was devoured - hehe)! 

*Spending a day taking in gorgeous "Maliblue" ocean views with my handsome, blue-eyed sweet (+1).

*I even just so happened to have blue nail polish on my nilly white toes (so I'll count that as +1) to match my busted blue/purple pinky toe (-1 for OUCH!). (I'll spare you the toe photo.) =) Yowsers!!! It looks like something out of Misery - like Kathy Bates got ahold of my littlest piggy. Hehe. Note to self: Couch corners, sandals and clumsy gals don't mix. After releasing a slow and agonizing "Oooooowahhhh," I took it upon myself to walk it off while being as unladylike as possible, under my breath mumbling every dirty word imaginable. (A valid excuse to let off a foul-mouthed rant.) ;) You wouldn't think by the look of it, but other than the initial impact, the pain didn't kick in until maybe 1 or 2 days later along with some more lovely bruising. Even still, it didn't get me blue. ;) Seemed to be a mini theme going here...I've actually been longing for a deep blue or purple to work into the mix of my knitting. Goes to show you, even a bum toe can turn your wheels.