Summer Simmer

Here's another hat I whipped up that's very straight forward in construction. This one was for my babe - (I anticipate there will be more cuz he's fun like that...always the happy recipient and always inspiring.) Yay! Ry looks so incredibly cute in it - as if he wouldn't! =) Unfortunately, I've yet to grab a pic, so for the sake of visuals, I plopped it on my noggin'. At some point I need a simpler knit to soothe my mind. With my usual abundance of cables, it's crucial to implement a breather to "unwind." Oh boy. ;) Simplicity is a fantastic refresher. This was just that. Fittingly, I call this one "Simmer": a smooth sailing, no fuss, relaxing knit. Majority of this unisex sloucher is straight knit stitches...the joy of working in the round. The hat in the photo is worked in a sport weight cotton blend. Initially I wanted this in a merino, but the cotton carries the drape perfectly and is just spectacular for summertime. I added a simple rib/st st combination as a subtle change from the commonly used 1x1 ribbed band. Basic ssk & k2tog decreases form the delicious pie slices that adorn the floppy crown. Simple stuff. It was the perfect way to "Simmer" down from my busy Arans. Oh yeah, they're still going...chugging away!

Something else simmering around here...garlicky goodness! This was my recipe tester batch that turned into a household favorite. (hence the small portion) =) A single portion from my kitchen is fit for feeding 2 or 3. Hehe! This colorful concoction is olive oil with garlic/tomato/red pepper flakes/oregano/parsley/salt & pep, later tossed with pasta and a hefty blast of fresh parmesan to finish. Rich in flavor, thank you garlic, the natural sweetness of the tomatoes meeting the hot red pepper flakes is a superb balance of yum! Measurements are generally eyeballed, so no 2 batches are the same...the taste test method seems to produce the best results. Even better - the immense joy I get in filling my honey's belly with food he enjoys so much...the requests for remakes make it that much sweeter! Awww, my sweet guy. =) Woman moment!