5.9 "Magknitude"

Oh no, knitting withdrawal is rearing it's ugly head! I currently have a BIG move on my hands that's temporarily halted my designing endeavors (not recommended when shuffling about.) Thankfully, knitting is a "take it with you" artform, so I can at least test some of my newer pieces for now. Loving the inspiration, encouragement and requests...I'm eager to get situated/reorganized and pick up my pattern writing again. Ry and I are in the midst of relocating back east for awhile...starting a new chapter, or as I'm calling it, "an adventure" in our lives together. House/property scouting keeps you busy, amongst all the other truckloads of details. Stressful? Yessiree Bob, you betcha, but very exciting just the same! I'm overjoyed spending some quality time with family during the transition...(they're beside themselves to have us closer as you can imagine) the in-laws as well! I've been given many blessings in the family department. Indescribable. As much as I will miss many things out west - you bet I will as there's a lot to love), this is kind of a fresh perspective for me. My roots are back east, so I'm loving it! Also, I took up knitting while living in Hollywood, so now I have the entire east coast just waiting to be Sazzed! Hehe. We even had a hefty earthquake out here to make us feel a bit more at home. ;) Lol...the timing was incredible! The sheer volume of fresh fiber is endless...oh, and then there's NYC (New Yarn City). =) Yarn shops galore! I may need a chastity belt for my wallet. ;) Of course, I've already got my first LYS picked out for when things calm down a bit. =) It is agonizing not having the time to create right now...tho I suppose it's the truest reminder of my love of the craft. (As if I really needed to validate that...lmao) I've many pieces in the works, along with fresh ideas I'm dying to put down...I can't wait for my lil' design studio to come together in the near future!!! So in the meantime and in the spirit of change, I thought I'd share my passion with others and post a little intro to cable knitting for newer knitters who want to expand...it seems fitting. Another post incoming! Projects, patterns and pics to come...just a bit of a delay due to the move.