Cupid Revamped

I officially despise blogger. I just lost an enormous draft thanks to the lovely auto save feature. I'll try this again. 
Throughout the move, I seem to have misplaced my favorite current design...but the good news is I've started another one in the meantime. I originally designed this when I first began knitting. Cupid is near and dear to me - it was made for my now late Nonny, aka Grandma. Sadly she never got a chance to see it. She became ill and passed suddenly, but I know she would have loved it! Here is the original non-reversible. This was before I discovered yarns that weren't acrylic. ;)

Nonny and Lil Me
My inspiration for this pattern was a rare pair, Nonny and Grandpa. Two incredibly gentle souls who lived each waking moment of their lives devoted to their faith, love of life and endless giving of themselves to help others in need. I admire that even in their absence, much like my own parents they were quite a special couple. Grandpa was a pastor and Nonny was an organist in his church/churches wherever he was needed. We'd visit them often on weekends when I was a kid. After listening to Grandpa's sermon on this particular Sunday morning, we returned to their house as usual. He'd often stay behind a bit spreading his joy, cuz that's the kind of man he was. :) So, this day after settling in a bit, Nonny busted out a big bag full of yarn and other goodies! She placed a metal crochet hook in my hand and sat with me. That was the passion was known when I discovered knitting at 23, oddly enough due to a set of circular needles wedged in a skein of acrylic yarn she'd given me years back. This piqued my curiosity. I worked endlessly researching day and night. I now discovered what I genuinely loved to do. She sweetly supplied me with pretty much everything I could need. I haven't stopped since. Nonny showed me the ropes in a sense. I always had a soft spot for handmade. I remember that day as it was somewhat symbolic looking back now. So, in honor of them, I've redesigned Cupid (reversible #1) which is sadly currently MIA, and Cupid (reversible #2) which is in progress on my needles. Now the pattern being reversible means the stitches are worked in pairs. A knit & purl stitch are the equivalent of one stitch in this pattern. A purl stitch is the backside of a knitted stitch, so by pairing them you're in essence creating two right sides...causing the WS to match the RS. I found rewriting this to be much more practical for a scarf. The coupling of 2 sts seemed extremely fitting for this piece dedication to Helen and Joe, my late Grandma & Grandpa.

Grandpa and Lil Me
So that's the little backstory to this design! Gotta say, I'm terribly bummed about my disappearing scarf...I've muttered a rant or 2, but I do have another batch of TML in another colorway to suit this perfectly. It just frazzles me having lost so much work. If you're in the market for something tosh - Olivia (pictured up top) is a show stopping color if you like naturals...very earthy and warm - you won't be dissappointed! At the time I was otherwise toshless, so I warmed up to the idea of trying this pattern in Dream In Color's Smooshy, colorway - purple rain. You can see both in the links above in this post. A first for me, this newbie...good spring, great color, and very user handles frogging well, so I'll let slide the minor bleeding into my needles. =\ I will update with an additional post showing the finished article(s) and info when the pattern is ready for release.