Cardy Blast From the Past

On a quick note, I was pleasantly surprised yesterday when I stopped by my folks place to offer my hands in some last minute holiday cookie baking. Something I love doing, even more so around the holidays, with the added perk having my family nearby this year. Hey someone needs to take the blame for the duds. ;) I kid. They came out heavenly! The batch I took home was thoroughly enjoyed, and also now gone...a true testament to a successful batch of homemades. =)
Back to my sweet little surprise, my sister Leah stopped by sporting a sweater I designed probably 6-7 years ago & never took photos of! What a nice treat for me to see one of my old designs well I snapped a couple pics via smartphone. It fit her so perfectly & looked incredible with her newly darkened locks....yay! She finally dumped the blonde and came over to the "dark side." hehe ;) I stepped outside of my usual seamless/raglan mode and knitted up a drop shoulder step cable cardigan. Seaming doesn't bother me a bit. Many people dread the thought of hand stitching, but honestly I find it to be relaxing. (Even though I tend to be overly meticulous.) Perhaps it's all the crafting I've done since my childhood. I was proud of this design. Worked in Caron Simply Soft, this cardy was developed in 5 pieces consisting of 2 front panels, the back and 2 sleeves. The cables were knit in a manner resembling steps climbing upward only at the front panels. The styling of the collar is one of my can lay flat at the back, drape like an open collar (as seen) or even be pinned and worn like a cowl neck. Having options is always a plus. As usual those Aran cables are always divine! You may also recognize the cable stitch pattern - it's the same as used in my Damsel hats. Very cool to see one of my designs in working order - made my day! :) Wish I had my camera handy...the photos aren't of good quality, but you get the idea. Even with a crappy cam Lee makes it shine. Thanks to my big sis! The Slovak family cookie recipe goes without saying - delish & devoured, not to mention the other kinds we cranked out. ;)