While I hope to get through the season without a case of the sniffles, being a pessimist, I'm doubtful. lt can't hurt to crank out some snuggly hats. Quite a few knits seem to be partaking in a grand disappearing act too! Grrrrr! Big bummer, but whining about it won't bring them back, so I needle on thru the disappointment. ;) I kicked back with some tunes and made another hat for my sweet - an additional & early Christmas gift for my babe. This lil number is called Hatchoo: a slightly revised wintry take on my Simmer hat. It's a better fit for his head, but he's yet to receive it & I need to keep up with my photo logs...it'll do for now. The pattern is pretty much the same with the exception of a removed single wedge at the crown. This was tweaked in order to adapt the difference in gauge + lack of yardage given in a single hank. I actually think it looks better with 4 slices rather than 5. By wedges and slices I'm referring to the decreases atop the hat that resemble such. Additionally, the length was lessened by almost 2" leaving it a bit more like a loose wooly than a slouch. Seemingly rather small as it's being worked on the needles, it does a fiber flex to fit nice and snugly. Hatchoo was made with Shibui 50% merino / 50% baby alpaca blend - a heavy worsted weight in a seasonal shade. Yes, I would totally use this again - especially for hats. While it's a breeze to knit with and the coloring is divine, it is a bit on the expensive side considering the yardage. Drool inducing fibers usually come with the higher price tag, but you only live once. Live and let drool! hehe I justify it somehow...knitting brings me great joy. ;) This yarn is delightfully warm & just in time for wondrous winter. =) I purchased this for a few reasons. As it turns out, alpacas are lovely creatures. I'm thrilled to finally have knitted even with a blend of it...I'm mad for alpacas!
 Lately I've been a sucker for broadening my yarnie horizons, so Shibui quickly became a new friend to my fingers. Finally, well the color simply screamed Ryan's name (he agreed, so I grabbed) and when that happens there's no stopping me. He had a fave wooly when we were first dating that was in a similar colorway...and well let's face it, favorites get a lot of love with which also comes excessive wear and tear. I couldn't resist making him a comparable replacement and hopefully a new favorite hat. Shibui is perfect winter "hatchooey" yarn if your piggy bank has some some extra oinkage.