I don't usually stray from my own patterns on this site, but am making the exception for a special occasion. Now I know I'm not alone in my girly "awww"ing at the sight of a Sheldon, but for those of you who may be scratching your heads right about now, I'm referring to the Sheldon the Turtle pattern by Ruth Homrighaus. My cousin recently gave birth to her first born and I thought this would be a fantastic welcome to the world gift! Just in time for Mother's Day! I usually opt to make that special afghan, but assuming someone's gone that route already, thought this to be perfect. I put myself in "kid perspective." When I was a miniature, I was always drawn to eye-popping, drastic & contrasting colors;  bright reds against electric blues, vibrant yellows against smoldering oranges - not because the loud colors were so stunningly attractive, rather it was an attention getter. Heaven knows I try to incorporate them more often, but always resort back to my dark colors in the long run. Giving thought to a child's eye while also appealing to the adult, I decided to go for a tasteful contrast with a bright yellow paired against a deep, foresty green.

I've succumbed to the sheer adorability of this fella. Hats off to you, Ruth! What a treat to make! I loved every inch of Sheldon's construction. The plastic safety eyes the pattern called for are so fitting, but decided to sacrifice perfection for safety - a little embroidery in leiu of darling. Safety first - don't want any choking hazards. He does require a fair amount of seaming, but I enjoy a good handstitch so no complaints from me. This is my addition to the Sheldon population...welcome to the world baby Carter! xo