Love Your Drummer

Here's a small project I threw together on a whim. What is it? It could technically serve multiple purposes. A handful of wildflowers in here would be just darling, but this is a fully "fun"ctional drumstick holder to use at the ol' drumkit. Me, a drummer? Nah, I suppose I can keep a beat as good as the next person though I was never bitten by that bug, but my sweet guy was...and he's freakin' remarkable! While his skill set certainly doesn't need a morsel of improvement, I thought this would add some playfulness as well as being a handy addition to keep nearby. In an effort to make a more masculine knit, I chose a nubby, tweed like stitch for texture. I recycled a thick, super durable plastic cylinder (cleaned obviously) and made a knitted shell for the casing. I drilled 2 evenly spaced small holes in the container to anchor the strap while allowing the weight of the drumsticks to naturally tilt at the slightest angle (good for a quick grab). I then worked a crocheted CO over a piece of 1/4" piping to give this some added stability in conjunction with the ribbing at the top, therefore accommodating the weight of the sticks as well as keeping them contained. Balancing out the body is a basic half double crocheted circle giving some definition to the base/body join while also breaking up the monotony of the knitted pattern. I seamed the entire piece with half double crochet as well. In my opinion, those tidying touches for finishing make all the difference. Hope he gets some use out of it...or at the least a smiley reminder of how his woman just loves him! =)