An Off-Topic Goodie:
It's no secret that my dear Pop is not only the greatest blessing a daughter could dream up, but he's also an incredible talent. Paying tribute to the epitome of a loving, selfless soul. May your ears also enjoy some of these great tunes. He recently released the 1st installment of his Anthology series spanning over quite a number of years. While it's difficult for me to pick, (as I'm guilty of having many faves)...there is one that stands out. This is an older tune that never fails to envelop me, titled:  It's So Strange. The conviction in the vocals, the emotion in the instrumentation, lyrics that speak to you....it exudes a presence that builds and builds within the listener, engaging you to the very last note. Further links/info can be found in my sidebar. Music should tap into your spirit in a way that while may be hard to express with words, is always felt in a way that requires absolutely none.

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