Fun With Seamless Cables

Since I've recently started submitting designs to publications, I'm unable to post many pics of what's currently on my knitting needles, so I thought I'd post a flashback for fun! Ahhh, this is a very special one to me. While I don't design quite as many garments as I used to mainly due to climate factors, I do still work them on occasion. Upon learning to knit back in the day, I was very comfortable with what I'd learned and didn't want to dilly dally with just the basics very long. It's luckily one of those things that came to me quite easily....I suppose when you find what it is that you truly love to do, that plays a big part in it. So, once I completed a few basic sweater designs I decided to put all my eggs in the "difficult" basket and try and tackle a seamless *gasp* Aran cable pullover. I wasn't expecting such gratifying results the first time around, but I did indeed manage to swing it with some interesting calculations thrown in the mix. I needed to make sure the cable alignment stayed intact while fitting the required body dimensions, grafted the sleeves to the torso section, then began knitting the yoke upward to be completed with decorative crochet trim at the neckline. She posed quite a few challenges for me to fully understand garment design to my best ability. That's what makes the process so enjoyable! It keeps things fresh and adventurous and I love that I'm always learning! Everyone obtains information better in certain ways...I've always done best with the hands on/visuals approach. Try and try until you succeed. It was a welcome challenge I'm so glad that I took on so early.

Seamless varieties alone intimidated me greatly as I'd only tried grafting st st once at the time. Throwing cables in the mix made me want to conquer it even more. Somehow I achieved it with a gratifying result! Grafting anything is always fun for me. I tend to really enjoy any kind of hand manipulation, be it with knitting, crochet, seaming, cross stitch or sewing alike. So for those of you who aren't part of the Ravelry community & are unable to see my projects, I thought I'd share this oldie but proudest achievement in garment design to date.

Speaking of achievements, as I stated earlier, I keep my designs and ideas quiet until I decide how I'd like/if I'd like to move forward with them. (Hey, not everything on the needles is a keeper!) I've always wanted to try my hand at this, but could never find the I pushed myself. This past year I decided to just give it a try and submit a design to a knit publication. You don't know til' you try, right?! Worst case scenario, you get a no thank you. I'm SO very excited and humbled to say I've had one of my designs chosen for an upcoming issue. I'm grateful that my first submission attempt was a success and hope to continue for as long as I remain inspired. I believe it's release will be in a couple months, but I'll be sure to post on that when the issue goes live. My advice to you....dare to dream!

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