Yell Island Cowl

© Interweave / George Boe
I'm delighted and humbled to have contributed a design to this resourceful and loved knitting publication. A new pattern for your neck & needles, the Yell Island Cowl was just released in the Love of Knitting Winter 2017 issue. I truly love the simplicity and wearability of this cowl! It's light and airy, making it suitable for all seasons while demonstrating that colorwork doesn't always need to be complex to produce an attractive result. In addition to color, contrasting fibers were intentionally paired offering a soft touch of luxury while bringing the pattern stitch to center stage. The body stitch is accented with a rhythmic beady rib that encapsulates the slip stitch pattern, solidifying for a balanced finish.  This piece was a true joy to create...may you enjoy it just the same! I hope you'll join me in adding to our beloved accessory stashes! =)

***Added 12-26-17:  Lastly, here is an Interweave article by Deb Gerish discussing her plans to shake up her knitting in the New Year with the Yell Island Cowl. Deb's enthusiasm for the craft is contagious! I enjoy reading her posts as much as I enjoy her bold & exciting approach with her knitting plans. Happy stitching my fellow knitters!               


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