Here's a new pattern release for you cable lovers! This is Kanan. If you've visited here back in the day and still check in from time to time, you may remember my Damsel hat design from years ago. It somehow got put off in my mountain of design efforts. (Every knitter knows there's never a time when you have only one thing on your needles, hehe!) The good news, I finally got her finished & ready to go. Ahh, the name change...why? Well, I've learned to check the massive log of patterns to reference if a name's been used before I go to publish. This time was no exception. I took a brief stroll through the pattern library to see if the original title was taken, and upon seeing it's heavy use, I opted to go another route. I'm quite happy I did! This name is fittingly given for the scenic, winding canyon road, Kanan. Now I'm not one who enjoys being in front of a camera, and while I tire of seeing my squinty eyes and ginormous hair in my patterns, it's just more cost effective to use my own head for self published pattern pics (as many independent designers know.) So, if you too tire from this, you have my sincerest, squinty-eyed, not a professional photographer but try to make it work apologies. ;) Hehe! The pattern provides 2 adult sizes for your cable loving fingertips! You can find the live digital download here. Grab a ball of your favorite worsted weight and enjoy this exciting little knit! More goodies on the horizon!

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