You spin me right round baby!

I caved! I discovered the drop spindle and found intrigue, which naturally led me to ponder the wheel. Many months later, I caved again. The spinning wheel entered my life and I fell madly in love with yarn all over again...just like I did when I learned to knit. Don't get me wrong, I adore my factory fiber just the same, but have had my eyes opened to a whole other beauty, handspun. This is pure artistry, a magical blend of color and texture that play together in perfect harmony. As you can see, my basket spilleth over! (That's not all of it, but most.) I've been in a fiber coma for some months now spinning myself dizzy! My design efforts have taken a back seat for a little while as I was learning this new craft. I've been at it a few months now and have built myself quite the little stash of handspun! Some are an absolute horror show, while others show my improvement. I've tried my hand with a variety of breeds to get a feel for the properties of each, while practicing my short forward and long draw (which I'm dreadful at btw). I took a few classes on the subject and have been implementing those methods and skills to better my technique. Such a joy! I have no intent of stopping now! What a satisfying craft this is on so many levels. It's a form of meditation that instills a sense of calm as well as being a productive, creative, and purposeful artform. To love a companion craft as much as I love knitting seemed ludicrous...I was very wrong, and never happier to say that. To have one passion that parlays into the other is a dream! My fiber fever is equally divided now between the two crafts, and it's absolutely magnificent. I'm not gonna lie, it's difficult to not knit through all of these immediately, but I'm trying to be patient in hopes of making a few fun projects with what accumulates. I wanted to share this basket of smiles with my fibery friends as I know you appreciate good yarn porn! Bahaha! If the colors made you drool just a little, I'm totally content with that. ;)

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