"No Butts" About It

(click post header for photo - worked in garter stitch)
So, if you successfully quit smoking...you're likely to gain a few pounds.  (5 or 6 failed attempts later, I made it a whole year, Woohoo!)  I had been the same size for as long as I could remember.  To most people, going up 1 or 2 sizes in your favorite pair of jeans is no big deal, but when you've known 1 size majority of your life, it's a HUGE deal.  Thankfully in time you come to terms with the fact that you're not 18 anymore.  Well, the last year was that realization for me...vain perhaps, but it is what it is.  So I have all of these pants/jeans that I just can't squeeze into anymore, and I hate to just throw them away, so---I got a little crafty.
I thought I'd try something with a pair of cargos & I'm glad I did.  You can knit anything that's a continuous strand, so being the knitting fanatic that I am...I started snipping away at the leg in a spiraling manner & made myself a funky green ball.  It's a little messy with all the snippets but totally worth it.  The only downside is you don't have much to work with...but being in a handbag craze at the moment I thought this would be a cute handle for a beach bag or tote.  There are a ton of things to do with these...each working up completely different...jeans, pants, shirts, tees---if you have the patience, the sky's the limit.  Just have a set of large needles handy & a little imagination---the strips are a bit bulky.