Dizzy Spell

Mission:  Finish Vertigo complete!  EZ's percentage system is genius.  This is a seamless sweater tee I started a good while back.  The pictures are awful, thanks to my not-so-great camera.  Here's another cozy little addition to my wardrobe displaying a relatively simple Aran cable pattern inserted on the front and carried over to the sleeves.  The sleeves are worked separately and grafted to the body later on like most bottom up pieces.  I use this panel outline a lot with my raglans.  Since creating my honeycomb sweater I've developed a little love for this design style if you haven't noticed.  ;)  There's something appealing to the eye when I see the continuity...which on that note is why I'm not wild about my eyelet choice for the bottom band.  Not worth frogging for, a little openwork is pretty much always cute.  That's not unlike me though, to finish something and always find a flaw, even if it's miniscule.  It's genetic, I swear.

So, I needed a new sweater desperately and poof, here it is...one of them anyway.  Thankfully it fits great!  Now to lose some of the waist bulge and bust out some new jeans.  (Oh, it's there...the joys of aging.)  I'm so anxious to get back to constructing my Siggy!