My Little Buttercup

My little buttercup has the sweetest smiiiiiiiiile - a classic comedic goody!
Buttercup is an Aran cable scarflet I put together using Malabrigo worsted in Cadmium.  This is a sensational color...naming her Buttercup is pretty self explanatory, although the aroma of buttery movie theater popcorn is tickling my senses as well.  My yard was filled with these as a kid - some say they're just a weed, I say they're a small sunny sight your eyes can't help but be drawn to.

Malabrigo - hand dyed, incredibly soft Merino wool?  Absolutely!!!  Here's another fantastic fiber to add to my collection.  I guarantee I'll be using more of it in the future.  I still have a nice amount of Cadmium left to dabble with.  A scarflet wasn't my initial intent for this yarn, but I wanted a snuggy for my naked neck in this color.  Oddly enough I had the perfect buttons for this scarflet and didn't even know it!  It was like finding a few bucks in an old jacket pocket - a pleasant surprise!  As much as I do love it, I'm not usually found in many bright colors as far as my sweaters go.  Anyone who knows me knows that I tend to lean toward the dark side.  I thought I would try this for a new cardy design, but it's just a tinge too bold for my personal taste.  On another person I'm sure the color would be lovely, but knowing me I wouldn't want to wear it often enough if I ventured down that I went this route. 

Whenever I hear the word "wool" I pretty much also hear the word "itchy."  Tsk tsk.  Not so.  That one scratchy sweater from my youth left behind an ill feeling toward wool that's stuck with me all these years.  I'm now learning otherwise, admittedly it's a hard habit to break but with my experience thus far it's getting much easier.  I'm diggin' it!  Being a gal that actually enjoys cleaning the house,  (strange, yes I'm aware) I'm not so crazy about having to hand launder anything really.  I'd much rather let the washing machine do the work for me, but sometimes it's well worth it - this being one of those times.  Maybe a hat or some mittens to match?!